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What is a Goslyn?


Goslyn - the clear choice for clean wastewater

Goslyn is the most efficient liquid separation system available to the food service industry today with consistent oil recovery rates of 99.7%.

goslyn separators are neither grease traps or grease interceptors. Goslyn is an award-wining immiscible liquid separator driven by thermodynamics and hydrostatic pressure. With no moving parts to break and no messy greasy separation chamber to clean.

Less than 2 minutes a day is all it takes to keep your drains free and clear!

Simply empty the oil cassette and solids strainer basket and plunge the oil valve at the end of the day.


The impacts of outdated designs

The vast majority of sewer overflows and pump station failures are attributed to the build-up of Fats, Oils, Grease, and Food Solids (FOGS) blocking pipes and drain lines. This is primarily due to inefficient grease and interceptor designs. Essentially they are still century old boxes connected to the wastewater pipe between the sink and the sewer with an average efficiency of just 70%. Grease traps and interceptors are also considered “full” when FOGS have reached just 25% of their liquid capacity. This often results in 0% working efficiency.  

Data shows the average eatery produces over 1 ton of FOG annually from crockery washing and rotisserie cooked chickens produce a 100ml of fat per bird.



Just imagine leaving food in a box for one month, the resulting smell inside would be unbearable. Grease traps and interceptors capture FOGS to a seperation chamber which over time turns rancid creating foul odours. As a result the unpleasant job of clean-outs are often neglected, posing significant health risks to the public, the drainage system and the environment.

Each goslyn separator fitted with a flow restrictor sized to the maximum flow capacity of the unit, to prevent FOG short circuiting from surges.

Goslyn separators continuously remove FOGS from wastewater keeping your drains clear and  eliminating costly chemical dosing, jeting and pump outs.  With the absence of decaying FOGS in the separation chamber foul odours pest control and vermin infestations are now a thing of the past.

Where low level double stack rotisseries are installed, the goslyn Low drain pump is system employed to receive effluent from drains as low as 1”or 25mm above floor level for 100% operational efficiency 24h per day

All recovered FOG can be recycled along with your used fryer oil, unlike the brown grease found in gravity grease traps and grease interceptors.

All models have been designed for tinternal or external installations. Models are sized with flow rates from 20 - 380 ltrs p/minute.