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Restaurants, Bars, Takeaway


Wastewater from food service facilities differs significantly from  residential wastewater. In addition to frequent surge volumes and higher temperatures, food service facility wastewater is typically higher in strength than residential wastewater. This is primarily due to higher levels of Fats Oil Grease (FOG) and food solids, which cause greater biological oxygen demands on receiving waters.

Although conventional grease traps are supposed to prevent grease from entering drain lines, frequent surge volumes enable emulsified FOG with food particles to bypass conventional grease traps. It is these particles which typically mixing with FOG that congeal to create costly drain blockages and overflows.

Goslyn immiscible liquid separators have been engineered to prevent surges by the inclusion of a flow restrictor. Any solid debris that may bypass 'sink' strainers is captured to the strainer basket and effectively removed from the waste stream.

With 99.7% separation efficiency, Goslyn immiscible liquid separators virtually eliminate the risk of future drain line and sewer line blockages. Liquefied FOG recovered is suitable for bio fuel production unlike rancid brown grease and sludge collected by conventional grease traps.

Goslyn immiscible liquid separator have no moving parts to break and no messy grease chamber to clean. Simply empty the oil cassette when full and easily clean out the solids strainer basket and oil valve at the end of the day. Less than 2 minutes a day is all it takes to keep your drains free and clear!


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