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Commercial Food Courts

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High density food courts and hotels pose significant wastewater issues to stall holders and facility managers alike. With limited floor space and high Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) loads, drain blockages, foul odours and overflows are common place.

If your grease trap or grease interceptor has become more of a problem than a solution, then a tried and tested answer is required … namely a highly efficient Goslyn immiscible liquid separator.

Goslyn manufacture a range of compact low profile immiscible liquid separators specifically designed for hawker stalls, fast food kiosks and restaurants. Goslyn technologies quickly and efficiently separate FOG from the heaviest flows and automatically expel FOG from the separation tank to a visible plastic cassette.

Due to limited space emptying the cassettes of multiple low volume separators during continued food service is not always a viable option to facility managers.

RecOil and the Liquidator are the centralised industrial ‘Big Brothers’ of the highly successful Goslyn immiscible liquid separator. Both are renowned for their ability to remove FOG from effluent streams without the use of chemicals.

RecOil utilises a series of baffles and specific displacement to achieve continuous balanced oil in water extraction. As a result both biological and chemical oxygen demands significantly reduced, reductions are also seen of suspended solids as a proportion of these contaminants ‘stick’ to the FOG.   

The bottom line? No more costly visits from plumbers to clear blocked piping and no more contamination of wastewater systems

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