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Commercial Dishwashers


With average wash cycle time anywhere from one to four minutes, commercial dishwashers and power soakers are an important labour saving investment to busy hotels, restaurant and food courts.

As 93% of fats oil and grease (FOG) enter the drainage system from pot and crockery washing, commercial dishwashers are a priority fixture in the fight against FOG. However, most conventional grease traps cannot be connected to commercial dishwashers and power soakers owing to pumped discharge. Pressurised discharge wastewater which increase the nominal pipe flow can often overwhelm grease traps and interceptors. Any fixture plumbed directly into drain or sewer line, with high emulsified grease loads, will ultimately cause drain blockages. emulsified FOG can

Goslyn separators are specifically engineered to prevent surges through the inclusion of a flow restrictor. “Simply put  a Goslyn™ immiscible liquid separators designed flow rate cannot be exceeded”. Goslyn grease recovery technology constantly and automatically expels FOG from the separation tank so there is no build-up of retained FOG as is the case for traditional grease traps. This important feature enables Goslyn™ Separators to indefinitely maintain a high rate of operating efficiency. Liquefied fat collected by Goslyn™ Separators is converted into a high grade yellow grease by the separator that commands a high price from bio fuel producers.

Extremely user friendly, Goslyn separators have no moving parts to break and no messy grease separation chamber to clean. Simply empty the oil cassette when full, clean out the solids strainer basket and plunge oil valve at the end of the day. Less than 2 minutes a day is all it takes to keep your drains free and clear!

Power Soakers

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