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Want a Solution to All Your Fat, Oil & Grease Problems?

A Goslyn Separator Removes 99.7% of Fat, Oil & Grease from your Wastewater and Saves you $1,000's of Dollars


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Goslyn wastewater – oil separation systems

Unsurpassed in over a decade, Goslyn™  award-wining separators are specifically
designed to operate with modern Rotisseries, Oil deck ovens, Wok stations,  Dishwashers, Flight conveyors and Power  soakers.

Driven by thermodynamics without moving parts or timers, Goslyn stainless steel liquid immiscible separators offer high performance with low maintenance.

These important features enable Goslyn Separators to indefinitely maintain a high rate of operating efficiency.

We invite you to take a closer look at the many features, benefits and reasons why the innovative Goslyn™ Separator is the most effective, and only Fat, Oil Grease and Solid collection device you need to have in your food preparation facility


Key Features

  • Saves You Money Every Month.
  • Never Clean or Pump out a Grease Trap Again!
  • Never Worry about Fines Again.
  • Never Pay for Expensive Grease Disposal Again.
  • Never Pay for Expensive Chemicals, Bacteria and Enzyme Dosing Again.
  • Never have a Blocked Drain Again.
  • Never have Foul Smells & Odours Again.
  • Never see Rats, Vermin and Insect Infestations Again.
  • All your Fat, Oil & Grease and Food Waste will be Removed - Before it Goes Down the Drain!
  • Eliminates Clogged Lines between kitchen and outdoor grease traps.
  • Gives your business an environmentally responsible status.
  • 99.7% of your waste oil can be collected for Recycling.
  • Is the most efficient liquid separation system available to the food service industry, with consistent oil recovery rates of 99.7%.
  • Is Totally Chemical Free.
  • Has No Moving Parts.
  • Is Easy to Install (even under a sink).
  • Is extremely User Friendly.
  • Can eliminate the need for Grease Traps.
  • Is Low Maintenance - it takes less than two minutes a day to keep your drains free and clear!


Exceeding Standards

Goslyn™ Models achieve astonishing results in NSF certification testing. The industry standard allows a maximum 5% water content in discharged oil and requires 33% of the 34 kilos of grease introduced into a grease recovery device be captured.

Goslyn™ only allowed 0.3% water into the recovered oil and collected an incredible 33.6 of the 34 kilos of grease.